Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Law



The Master’s and Doctorate programs offered at UNISC concentrate on Social Law and Public Policies, concentrating on the discussion of key Law, State, and Society issues, like: (a) perspectives and challenges coming from increasingly complex and stressful social demands present in our daily lives; (b) contemporary constitutionalism behavior regarding such demands; (c) public policies for social integration and social interest management processes.

Based on all those academic features, both programs provide graduate students with social intervention instruments and mechanisms based on democratic and emancipatory principles and values. These programs are also designed to train, the best way possible, legal workers for their forensic practice.

Thus, the Master’s and Doctorate programs in Law provide a comprehensive and punctual training program, as it can be noticed through the concentration areas and lines of research - Contemporary Constitutionalism and Social Integration Policies – selected for these programs.